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The taekwondo instructor at Master Bill Jones Tae Kwon Do Academy has been a fierce competitor in championships around the world. He has won over 347 championships, 52 gold medals, 10 times competitor of the year, 17 time world champion, and has been undefeated in forums and Weapons since 1981. All Grand Master Jones students that have competed have won over 500 championships with a 100% success rate. Read on to see testimonials about our martial arts courses and to learn more about our martial arts studio in Concord, CA.

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“Nothing Short of Amazing”

“My family and I were students at Master Bill Jones Tae Kwon Do Academy and our experience there was nothing short of amazing.
External link opens in new tab or windowTaekwondo Instructor in the News Unlike many martial arts schools, everyone was able to train directly with Master Bill Jones himself. What an honor it was to be able to have hand to hand instruction with this great man. My family and I found Master Jones to be a very pleasant, funny, and knowledgeable man.
When training with Master Jones, you not only get to learn Tae kwon Do, but oftentimes he would treat us with learning other skills in the various other martial arts he holds black belts in. From time to time we even were given classes in various weapons training.
External link opens in new tab or windowNews on Weapons Mastery So many good things could be said about Master Bill Jones and his Academy, but I would like to highlight these things as they stuck out most to me.
  1. Master Bill Jones is GREAT teacher, knowledgeable, fun, patient, pleasant.

  2. The Dojang is well kept and VERY VERY clean.

  3. The other students were very respectful as Master Jones commands respect.

  4. The skills taught here are no joke. This is the real thing. You get what you pay for and the prices are comparable or better than what other schools charge.

  5. As long as you give your best, you'll get a great martial arts education with Master Jones.

  6. Lastly a great place for kids, families and individuals of all ages.” by Patrick B on 12/1/2013

Father and Son Experience

External link opens in new tab or windowExperienced Taekwondo Teacher “I started my son at Master Bill Jones Tae Kwon Do Academy when he was 4 years old. It was only about 2 months before I couldn't take it anymore and had to join as well. I love martial arts and have been taking different forms my whole life. Master Jones is by far the best teacher I have had the pleasure of studying under. My son hated the class at first and would completely lose control. Now he is well behaved and respectful. His attention span has increased and his grades and behavior improved as well. My physical strength has doubled and doubles again. I gained 20 pounds in the first 6 months and got skinnier at the same time. My sons balance as well as mine is excellent. My sons self esteem is great, and he now has no problem expressing himself. The price of admission is extremely fair for 5 days a week. I pay half of what I have in the past at different schools for both my son and myself for more classes. I recommend this academy for any child of any age. Master Jones specializes in children with special needs.”by James R on 4/4/2013

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“Excellent with children. I myself studied here for 13 years and owe all my athletic ability to this man. Would never go anyplace else. When I have children they will too study here.” by Sariya J on 7/27/2012