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At Affordable Rates: Special Discounts for single parents, 2 or more children, and families

Have you ever wanted to master the art of taekwondo? Master Bill Jones Tae Kwon Do Academy is an exceptional martial arts training academy in Concord, CA. Whether you want to learn something new, hone your existing skills, or simply enjoy a challenging and rewarding new activity, we can deliver high-quality taekwondo instruction.

We Offer:

  • Beginner Classes

  • Black Belt Classes
  • Children's Classes
  • Family Classes
  • Intermediate Classes
  • Private Instruction
  • Sparring Clinic
  • Weapons Training
  • Meditation
  • Chi or Ki internal energy
  • Advance breaking
  • Competitions

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Taekwondo is wonderful not only for physical fitness but for discipline, dexterity, and confidence as well. Our martial arts training instructor will inspire you to become your best self. Join us for free introductory lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and. Come train with the Grandmaster himself!

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Here at Master Bill Jones Tae Kwon Do Academy, we are dedicated to every aspect of martial arts training. You can expect an immaculate studio, an engaging curriculum, and an experienced and accomplished instructor. Give us a call to sign up or to learn more about our taekwondo Grand Master. We would also be happy to tell you more about our offered courses.